Phil Isenberg updates the California Water Commission on the Delta Plan, and the role of the Council in regards to the BDCP

The Delta Stewardship Council’s role regarding the BDCP, as well as the multiple lawsuits filed over the Delta Plan were some of the topics discussed as Phil Isenberg, Chair of the Delta Stewardship Council, updated the California Water Commission on the status of the Delta Plan at their July 17 meeting. Mr. Isenberg began by noting that the first Delta […]

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State Water Project reliability issues – It’s not all about the Delta, plus an update on the Thermalito Pumping Plant fire

Decreasing water supply reliability and increasing costs are not just about problems in the Delta.  Serious labor recruitment and retention issues within the State Water Project have cost rate payers at least $70 million in additional costs and, in one case, cost one agency 67,000 acre-feet of water. The California Water Commission has been actively engaged in trying to solve […]

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The California Water Commission hears an update on dam safety

With so many dams in California and the current dismal budget climate, perhaps you might have been concerned about the status of the state’s dam safety program?  Or maybe you hadn’t thought of it, but with over 1250 dams in California, it’s no doubt an important  issue. Today’s Maven’s Minutes covers the presentation that David Gutierrez, DWR’s Chief of the […]

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